Comprehensive improvement of your body at the cellular level ” PCC X-1 ” is a unique product with antioxidant, immunomodulatory and adaptogenic properties.

The main effects of PCC X-1

Promotes the recovery and normal functioning of healthy cells.
Helps maintain health and youthfulness – prevents skin aging, wrinkles, grey hair and other signs of aging.
Improves the effectiveness of comprehensive allergy reduction programs.
Accelerates the healing of erosions and ulcers in the stomach, intestines,
healing after operations, trauma and other damage to organs and tissues. The healing process takes place naturally, without the formation of rough scars.
It prevents the formation and spread of malignant cells – it has an oncoprotective effect.
Reduces the severity of side reactions from aggressive treatment methods – after chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy. With the use of the PCC X-1, patients lose less hair, feel less nausea, and urge to vomit, less pronounced hematopoiesis disorders, weight changes.
It has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects – it helps the immune system to detect and destroy pathogens, and also to reduce the damage caused by the causative agent to the body. Helps normalize body temperature in case of fever.
Reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression, increases stress resistance, normalizes the psycho-emotional state.
Improves the endocrine system, normalizes the regulatory effect of the hypothalamus, regulates the thyroid and pancreas.
It has a positive effect on the urinary system and reproductive function.
PCC X-1 acts on problem cells, organs and tissues in a targeted manner. The components of the remedy detect a problem in the body (diseased, altered and non-viable cells), and begin to eliminate this problem by healing the most damaged cells.

A few things PCC X-1 is great at

PCC X-1 acts at the level of each cell and in three directions at once:

Cleansing the cell from endo- and exotoxins, waste products of vital activity.
Prevention of the formation of toxic substances (free radicals) inside the cell.
Activation of the “genetic memory of a cell” about how it should work under normal conditions, “restarting” the work of cells, setting it up for healthy functioning, originally laid down by nature.


increases the body’s defenses under stress, increases its resistance to various kinds of unfavorable environmental factors, helps prevent various diseases;


serves as a “trap” for toxins formed inside the cell during its life; captures and neutralizes free radicals (aggressive molecules with a pronounced damaging effect on cells)


restores the parameters of the immune system to normal values;


has antiviral and antibacterial effect, has an anti-inflammatory effect;