How to make a solution

The bottle has an inserted dropper: with a straw and another small hole. Before preparing the solution, it is undesirable to shake or shake the bottle in order to avoid spilling the contents through the dropper. One drop will fall out of the tube. And so, one by one, release the required number of drops. You can fix the volume in a teaspoon (the same) and drip this volume, or draw the volume into a syringe and release the appropriate one for the day (calculate the dose accurately). Of course, in the course of taking, taking into account the state, the dynamics of the healing process, you can adjust both the days and doses of the intake.

You can speed up the intake a little if the reaction of the body is favourable.

For example: from the recommended 6-8 days, drink for 5-6 days, or extend the course of administration in each dose for 2-3 days, or otherwise. Discomfort is very undesirable. If discomfort, exacerbation suddenly manifests itself in some dose, it is advisable to temporarily reduce the dose, and then gradually increase it again.

How to get a solution of less than 1 drop?

1. Drop a drop of 0.5 liters. water;

2. Pour a part of the solution into another 0.5 liter jar.

If 1/5 drop, then pour 100 ml daily for 5 days. (500: 5 = 100); – at ¼ drops – pour out 125 ml. (500: 4); – at 1/3 drop – pour out 165 ml. (500: 3); – at ½ drop – pour out half of 250 ml.

3. The jar with the remaining primary solution should be placed in the refrigerator, covered with a lid.

4. In the jar with the measured part of the solution, add water to 0.5 l. and take as usual: before and after meals, a little at a time.

More detailed schemes with dosage recommendations for each solution are given below. There are also conditions of the body in which the intake of PCC X-1 must be started in very high dosages. For example, with flu with a very high body temperature (taking high dosages in this case is allowed for a short period).

PCC X-1 is effective for topical and external use. When adding PCC X-1  to ointments, creams and balms, you can enhance the effectiveness of their action. Clinical studies and the practice of using PCC X-1 confirm its high efficiency in the processes of improving the body. But to finish the list of problems in which it helps to restore health, to put an end, to draw a line is impossible.

Almost every person has a chance to avoid diseases, regain lost health, and improve the quality of life with PCC X-1.

After taking a course of a weak solution, it is undesirable to stop taking the solution.

A stage II PCC X-1 solution is in development and when available it is desirable to switch over to a stronger Stage II and then Stage III product after using PCC X-1.

Even though a weak solution of PCC X-1 is included in the Basic Program, this does not mean that this is where the PCC X-1 intake ends.

The basic program is just the beginning of taking PCC X-1, but then you need to continue taking it in a stronger concentration.