Recommendations for use: “ PCC X-1  – solution” is the first step in cellular healing. It is very important to start the course of application precisely with a solution of the minimum concentration, which will ensure the most harmonious and gradual involvement of the active substances in physiological processes.

Recommended doses: apply according to an individual health regimen. The scheme of taking the product ” PCC X-1 solution” depends on the initial state of human health. The recommended daily amount of drops of the product PCC X-1 is dissolved in 0.5 litres of boiled or purified water and drunk during the day between meals. The ideal time for taking the solution is 30-40 minutes before meals or 30-40 minutes after meals.

During the reception, it is necessary to take into account the state, the dynamics of the healing process, you can adjust the days and doses of the reception.

You can speed up the intake a little if the body’s response is favourable. For example: from the recommended 6-8 days, drink for 5-6 days, or extend the course of administration in each dose for 2-3 days, or otherwise.

Discomfort is very undesirable. If discomfort, exacerbation suddenly manifests itself in some dose, it is advisable to temporarily reduce the dose of intake, and then gradually increase it again.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy and lactation.

A consultation with your trusted health care professional is recommended before use.

It is not a drug.