Practical advice on the use of PCC X-1 is a special product, respectively, and the attitude towards it should be special, since it works with every cell of the body, regardless of the disease in which you need to take PCC X-1.

If, when taking PCC X-1 there is a painful response of the body or discomfort, you just need to reduce the single dose and increase it gradually, avoiding too much discomfort.

It is very important for almost everyone (with very few exceptions) to start taking with a weak solution, with minimum doses and go through the full course of taking it: bring it to the maximum possible dose, drink the right time, and then gradually reduce the dose to a dose that is optimal for constant intake.

It is true that we do not really know the details about our health, the consequences of previous illnesses, etc. And it often turns out that with an increased dose of PCC X-1 discomfort may appear. As a signal of some problems.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend that everyone start with the smallest doses. It is the stepwise way of using PCC X-1 for the benefit of one’s health that is correct and contributes to the creation of a foundation for comprehensive health improvement.

It is impossible to achieve the maximum health-improving effect without first taking it in small doses. It is the beginning of the intake in small doses that opens the effect on the healing of the deepest processes in the body.

The active ingredient penetrates into the cell and restores disturbed processes at the cellular level, gives an impetus to recovery, regardless of the location and nature of the problem.

The result of such recovery will be real if you start taking it in small doses. So the first stage of recovery is a course of the PCC X-1 solution of minimum concentration. Since no disease passes without a trace, it is not surprising that discomfort can be expected from an increased dosage, therefore, it is necessary to start taking with small doses, gradually increasing them, and if discomfort occurs, switch to taking small doses, gradually increasing the dosage. If discomfort arises when the dose is increased, it is advisable to return for a while to the previous dose, less concentrated, and then continue to increase it even more gradually.

Practice shows that the optimal volume of the solution is 0.5 liters, although it may be more or less, depending on the situation, but the entire volume of the solution must be drunk per day. For convenience, it’s best to schedule the time of each dose in advance.

It should be noted that it is necessary to take the solution in small doses for 5-10 doses per day, preferably 40 minutes before meals and 40 minutes after meals.

Each time, pouring a single dose for one day, it is necessary to add water to this solution to a volume of 0.5 liters. It is best to drink the resulting solution 30-40 minutes before meals or 30-40 minutes after.

For example, with 6 meals a day, you can drink 1-2 times before breakfast, then most often once between meals (1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and late dinner) and two times after dinner, although if the break between meals is even 2.5-3 hours, then you can drink a dose after meals and even before the next meal, too.

If 3-4 meals a day, then before breakfast, between meals, after dinner at night, you can drink 2-3 times.

The more often you drink PCC X-1 in small doses, the better, especially before the health problems are solved.

Purpose: immunocorrector for detoxification and strengthening of the body at the cellular level
Category: health at the cellular level
Type of application: according to the doctor’s recommendation or for detoxification and strengthening of the body at the cellular level
Age: adults, children
Form of issue: 50 ml
Packaging: Glass bottle-dropper
Classification: dietary supplement
Active ingredients: soluble polyphenol-carbon complex (eumelanin, tyrosine, DOPA) – 0.125 mg / ml

Product composition: soluble polyphenol-carbon complex (eumelanin, tyrosine, DOPA) – 0.125 mg / ml; base – prepared water (with silver ions).

PCC X-1 immune